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With your financial support, we can continue to collect, preserve and educate. We can sustain the work and vision of our founders to maintain a valuable resource for the community, to understand the world that has passed and to reflect on what it means for the present.   

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Donating to the Collection

The Society is actively adding new artefacts and archival pieces to the collection to better understand the history of Niagara-on-the-Lake.  If you have something that you would like to donate, please contact the Museum with details.  All artefacts are examined by our collections management committee to determine the relevance to our collecting mandate.

The Phoenix Circle
The Phoenix

The Niagara Historical Society & Museum is pleased to announce the formation of a new Director’s Circle, which will be known as the Phoenix Circle. The Niagara Historical Society & Museum is currently recruiting new members.

Why Form a Director’s Circle?
This renewable fundraising initiative will be used to cover operational costs, not specific projects. It will ensure the sustainability of an institution that has been enjoyed by the community and visitors alike for over 100 years.

Why the Phoenix?
The symbol of the Phoenix has relevant significance to the rich history of Niagara-on-the-Lake. The Phoenix is a mythological bird that burns itself and emerges again from its own ashes, not unlike the people of Niagara who rose and rebuilt after the devastation of the War of 1812. Similarly, our newly-formed Phoenix Circle must also emerge from a very basic framework and grow to become a powerful engine that will drive our continued success.

Why Become a Member?
Aside from helping to sustain our Society and Museum, Phoenix Circle membership offers a deeper experience for those with a special interest in history by providing exclusive access to the Society’s vast resources. This exclusive membership will ensure that you keep pace with the ever expanding scope of our programming and enjoy a fuller museum experience through:
• VIP invitations (four) to exhibition openings and special events
• Recognition in the annual report, Phoenix Circle publications, newsletters and galleries
• A memento emblematic of your membership
• Invitation to the Annual Phoenix Circle Dinner hosted by the Managing Director as well as Guest Speakers
• Your own Curator/Director–led tour for you and six friends
• Priority booking in renting the Museum’s galleries for social events (for groups under 20 and subject to availability)
• After hours events with the Curator, discounts in the gift shop, free newsletter and calendar of events and periodic Membership surprises
• Access to exclusive off-site daytrips with the Managing Director

The Cost of membership is $1000 per year (Couples are considered one membership but both receive individual recognition). Payments can be made on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis (other arrangements can be made as well). Call the Museum for more details.

The Phoenix Founders
The following individuals stepped forward in 2009 to start the Phoenix Circle.
The Phoenix Founders are:
Jim Bratton & Drew Tait
Les & Jean Taylor
Neil Rumble
Geoffrey & Lorraine Joyner
Kelly & Janet James
Richard & Monica Taylor
Chuck Jackson & Sandra Lawrence
Peter Corbiere & Deborah Paine
David Murray & Elizabeth Surtees
Marsha Howe

Jean, Les Taylor and Neil RumbleThe First Phoenix Circle meetingThe Phoenix Founders

® Image: View of Fort George, Oil on canvass, C. Kreighoff 1823